Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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F-039  Labour contracts in United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in Arabic, English and Tamil (2015). Thank you UAE. We are ever thankful for respecting our language.

F-054 Multi-lingual instruction board in Singapore (2015) 

F-057  US Consulate in Chennai issued condolence for Abdul Kalam in Tamil and English.

 F-058  Tamil in Swiss railway (BLS AG is a Swiss railway company) 2015.

F-059  You can write drivers test in Tamil in Dubai (2015).
F-063  Tamil knowing employees are available in some Canadian airports (along with a few other
languages) (2015).
F-064  Multilingual sign board inside Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) (2015).
 F-066 The Saudi Arabian Bank Al Rajhi offers Tamil option (2016).
 F-071   French translation of Thirukural is displayed in some trains in France (2016). Will the Indian government trains honour the great Tamil poet?

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